Mango Varieties: 30 Different Types of Mangoes To Enjoy

Mango, affectionately referred to as the “king of fruits,” is a popular tropical delicacy enjoyed around the globe. With more than 400 varieties grown internationally, those who love mangoes have plenty of options to choose from.

The mango tree, Mangifera indica, has given rise to a multitude of mango cultivars, each with its unique taste, texture, and appearance.

The following will explore 30 different types of mangoes, each bringing its own burst of flavor and texture.

1. Alphonso Mango

Two Alphonso mangoes on mango leaves.

The Alphonso mango, often referred to as the “king of mangoes,” is a popular mango cultivar from India. This type of mango is especially renowned in South India and has a rich, creamy, and juicy texture.

The mango has a unique flavor that’s both sweet and aromatic. Its skin boasts a vibrant hue, ranging from a bright yellow to a sunset orange.

One of the most popular mangoes in India, it’s often used in making delightful desserts and beverages.

2. Tommy Atkins Mango

A woman holding a Tommy Atkins mango with several others in a basket in the background.

Tommy Atkins mango is one of the most popular commercial varieties grown primarily in South Florida.

This mango is a variety that is well recognized for its vibrant exterior, a beautiful blend of dark red with occasional streaks of gold.

While its fibrous texture might not appeal to everyone, its sweet and juicy flesh makes it a favorite among many.

Compared to other types of mangoes on the market, the Tommy Atkins mango stands out for its robustness and long shelf life.

3. Keitt Mango

The Keitt mango, predominantly grown in Thailand, stands out among mango varieties with its distinctive green skin even when ripe.

This mango variety has an oblong shape and boasts a sweet and slightly tangy flavor. Its flesh is juicy and less fibrous, making it a prime choice for salads and smoothies.

Moreover, Keitt mangoes are known to ripen beautifully, maintaining their integrity without getting too soft.

4. Kent Mango

Originating from South Florida, the Kent mango is a delightful variety that mango lovers frequently seek out. The mango ranges from large to very large and has an oval shape.

Its skin is dark green with occasional bright yellow blushes. Inside, the mango has a sweet, juicy, and less fibrous flesh.

It’s considered one of the best mangoes for its minimal stringiness and rich aromatic flavor.

5. Ataulfo Mango (Honey Mango)

The Ataulfo mango, often dubbed the “honey mango,” is native to Mexico but has found popularity in various parts of the world.

This mango is small and has a unique curved, oblong shape. The skin of the mango is a golden yellow when ripe, and its flesh is buttery and incredibly sweet, making it a favorite among many.

Due to its sweetness and creamy texture, it’s often considered a dessert mango.

6. Haden Mango

A ripe Haden mango on a kitchen counter.

The Haden mango, a variety of mango that first made its appearance in Florida in the early 20th century, has an illustrious history.

Originating as a seedling of the Number Eleven mango, this cultivar boasts bright red skin with green and yellow overtones. The flesh inside is vibrant yellow, succulent, and moderately fibrous.

Its unique combination of sweetness punctuated by a mild tartness has made the Haden mango a classic favorite.

7. Francis Mango

The Francis mango is a variety of mango that is native to Haiti. This type of mango has an elongated, oblong shape, and it often showcases a unique combination of green and bright yellow on its skin.

The flesh inside is rich, juicy, and sweet, with minimal fibrousness. Francis mangoes ripen to perfection, offering a tropical flavor burst that’s a blend of sweetness and tartness.

8. Edward Mango

The Edward mango is a renowned cultivar mainly found in South Florida. This mango is medium to large, showcasing an oblong shape with a flattened base.

The skin of the mango ranges from a blush pink to a radiant gold when it ripens.

Inside, you’ll discover a pale yellow, almost buttery flesh that is sweet, juicy, and has a slight hint of aromatic spiciness.

This mango has a sweet allure that’s hard to resist, making it a popular mango among enthusiasts.

9. Valencia Pride Mango

Valencia Pride mangoes, stemming from the lineage of the Haden mango tree, are a popular mango cultivar from Florida.

This mango has a unique shape, long and slender, and is among the larger varieties. Its skin exhibits a lovely red hue with hints of yellow and green.

When ripe, its flesh is exceptionally juicy and mildly fibrous. Its taste is a rich blend of tropical sweetness with a hint of tartness, marking its identity in the mango world.

10. Amrapali Mango

Amrapali mango is a celebrated variety of mango predominantly grown in Northern India.

A hybrid between Dasheri and Neelum, this mango cultivar boasts a beautiful red tint on the top with a greenish-yellow base.

The mango ripens to reveal a deep orange, juicy, and sweet flesh with very few fibers, making it a delightful eating experience.

Considered one of the best among mango cultivars in India, Amrapali stands tall in its luscious taste and aroma.

11. Manila Mango

Also known as the Carabao mango, the Manila mango is a variety native to the Philippines.

This mango comes in a buttery texture with a hint of sweetness, making it a favorite among many. The skin of this mango is thin and yellow, becoming deeper in color as it ripens.

Renowned for its lack of fibrousness and its sweetness, it’s often dubbed the “dessert mango” in many Southeast Asian countries.

12. Palmer Mango

The Palmer mango, though less popular than the Tommy Atkins mango or the Keitt mango, has its own set of devoted fans.

This type of mango, primarily grown in Brazil and South Florida, has a distinctively oblong shape with a dark reddish-purple hue, sometimes with a green undertone.

Its flesh, a deep orange-yellow, offers a sweet and aromatic experience with very few fibers intruding on the lusciousness.

13. Glenn Mango

Originating as a seedling in Florida in the early 20th century, the Glenn mango has gained a reputation as a delicious mango cultivar.

This mango is oval in shape and medium-sized. When ripe, the skin showcases a beautiful mix of yellow with a tinge of pink.

The mango’s flesh is juicy, sweet, and slightly aromatic, providing a tantalizing taste that leaves you wanting more.

14. Kesar Mango

Often referred to as the “queen of mangoes in India,” the Kesar mango is a favorite in the Indian subcontinent, particularly in the western state of Gujarat.

This mango is small to medium, bearing an almost oval shape. Its skin is a combination of green and yellow, and as the mango ripens, it turns to a brighter shade of gold.

Its juicy, saffron-colored flesh (hence the name Kesar) is intensely sweet and aromatic, capturing the essence of an Indian summer.

15. Dasheri Mango

Native to North India, the Dasheri mango stands as a testament to the region’s rich mango cultivation history.

This mango is considered to be one of the most popular in Northern regions of India, bearing a perfect oblong shape.

Its skin turns bright yellow when ripe, and the sweet mango flesh inside, which is a deeper yellow, is juicy and minimally fibrous.

Revered for its delightful taste, it’s no wonder that Dasheri mangoes are often termed the “king of fruits” in the area.

16. Bombay Mango

A mango that is native to South India, the Bombay Green (as it’s also known) is a favorite among many.

This mango ranges in size from medium to large with an oblong shape, and its green skin takes on a slightly yellow tint as it ripens.

The flesh inside is aromatic, juicy, and tangy with a unique flavor profile that distinguishes it from many other mango varieties.

Bombay mangoes offer a burst of tanginess, setting them apart in the vast mango world.

17. Carrie Mango

Grown primarily in South Florida, the Carrie mango is a beloved cultivar that has its roots deeply embedded in the region.

This mango variety exhibits a smaller, oval size and bright yellow skin when it’s ripe. Dive into its flesh, and you’ll find a supremely sweet, juicy, and almost fiber-free experience.

Often regarded as a gourmet variety, its taste is exceptional among the different types of mangoes.

18. Ice Cream Mango

The name says it all! The Ice Cream mango, cultivated in various regions, including South Florida, offers a flavor that’s reminiscent of tropical ice cream.

This dessert mango is small in size and has a strikingly dark purple-black hue when unripe that lightens to a yellow-orange as it ripens.

With an almost creamy texture, the mango’s flesh is sweet, juicy, and rich, making it a treat for all mango lovers.

19. Mahachanok (Rainbow Mango)

Originating from Thailand, the Mahachanok mango, commonly referred to as the Rainbow mango, is a sight to behold.

This mango is a variety that showcases a spectrum of colors from green to radiant pink and deep purple, alluding to a rainbow.

When ripe, the interior reveals a bright yellow, firm flesh with a refreshing and aromatic taste combined with a hint of tartness.

It’s among the most popular mango cultivars in Thailand and is highly sought after by enthusiasts worldwide.

20. Irwin Mango

Irwin mangoes ripening on the tree.

Irwin mangoes, known for their small to medium size, come predominantly from South Florida.

Their skin, when ripe, is a vivacious red with shades of orange and yellow. Inside, the juicy, slightly fibrous flesh is a testament to its delightful sweetness.

With an aromatic allure and the right balance of sweetness and tartness, it stands as one of the popular mango cultivars in its growing region.

21. Nam Dok Mai Mango

A Nam Dok Mai mango ripening on the tree.

Another gem from Thailand, the Nam Dok Mai mango is often termed the “queen of mangoes” in its native region.

This slender, oblong mango has beautiful golden-yellow skin when it reaches its ripe stage.

In its interior, you’re met with supremely sweet, smooth, and almost buttery flesh with a distinctive aromatic note.

Considered one of the best mangoes in the world, especially for raw consumption, it holds a special place among mango aficionados.

22. Mallika Mango

The Mallika mango, predominantly grown in India, stands out due to its dwarf nature, making it a popular choice for those with limited space.

As the mango ripens, it showcases a distinct greenish-yellow exterior. Inside, the juicy and aromatic flesh reveals itself to be fiber-free and richly sweet, reminiscent of melons with a hint of honey.

A hybrid of the Dasheri and Neelam mangoes, Mallika retains the best qualities of both.

23. Kensington Pride Mango

Often referred to as the Bowen mango, the Kensington Pride mango originates from Australia.

This variety of mango has a unique flavor profile that is intensely sweet and tangy with a hint of peach. As the mango ripens, it adopts a deep orange hue both on its skin and in its juicy flesh.

Medium to large with an oval shape, it’s considered to be one of the most delicious mango varieties, particularly in its native land.

24. Rosigold Mango

The Rosigold mango, grown predominantly in South Florida, is one of the earliest varieties to ripen during the mango season.

As the name suggests, this mango has a sweet rosy blush on its skin when ripe. The flesh inside is vibrant yellow, juicy, and nearly fiber-free, making it a treat to enjoy.

With a perfectly balanced sweetness and tartness, Rosigold sets the bar high for the mangoes that follow in the season.

25. Cogshall Mango

Originating from South Florida in the early 20th century, the Cogshall mango is a smaller-sized variety but packed full of flavor.

This mango is a variety that turns from green to a beautiful rosy blush when ripe. The flesh inside is vibrant orange, juicy, and mildly fibrous.

Its taste is a delightful mixture of peach, melon, and citrus, making it a top pick among many mango lovers.

26. Fairchild Mango

The Fairchild mango, named after the famous horticulturist David Fairchild, is a compact and manageable mango variety grown mainly in South Florida.

As the skin of the mango ripens, it transforms into a mix of red and green shades. Inside you’ll be greeted by a yellow-orange, juicy, and slightly fibrous flesh.

Its sweetness, coupled with a mild tartness, makes it a favorite among enthusiasts.

27. Spirit of 76 Mango

This mango cultivar, also from South Florida, has an elongated, oblong shape and boasts a smooth yellow skin when fully ripe.

The juicy, aromatic flesh inside is deep yellow, offering a delectable sweetness that’s hard to resist.

As one of the mango cultivars that’s both flavorful and visually appealing, it’s often sought after by those who appreciate a quality mango experience.

28. Pickering Mango

The Pickering mango stands out for its compact size and strong resistance to diseases.

Hailing primarily from South Florida, this mango variety displays a lovely hue of yellow with specks of red when it’s ripe.

The flesh is a vivid orange with a buttery, juicy texture and offers a taste that’s a delightful blend of sweetness with hints of coconut.

29. Julie Mango

A Julie mango ripening on the tree.

Known as the “queen of mangoes in the Caribbean,” the Julie mango is a smaller-sized fruit with a distinct, slightly flattened shape.

Its skin turns a deep yellow with blushes of red as it ripens. Inside, the vibrant yellow flesh is soft, juicy, and aromatic.

With a pronounced sweetness and a hint of resin, the flavor of this mango has earned it its royal title.

30. Angie Mango

A pile of ripe Angie mangoes.

The Angie mango, a product of South Florida’s mango breeding efforts, is recognized for its disease resistance and excellent flavor.

Displaying orange-yellow skin with a pink blush when ripe, its flesh is deep orange, fiber-free, and supremely juicy.

The flavor is rich and buttery, with notes of peach and coconut, making it a favorite among mango aficionados.

Enjoy Finding the Right Type of Mango for You!

With over 1,000 varieties globally, mangoes, rightly termed the “king of fruits,” offer a plethora of flavors, textures, and aromas.

This list, covering just 30 different varieties, provides a snapshot of the vast and delicious world of mangoes.

Each type of mango, from the aromatic Alphonso to the buttery Angie, brings a unique taste to the table, cementing mangoes’ place among the most revered fruits in the world.

Whether you’re new to mangoes or a seasoned aficionado, there’s always a new variety waiting to be savored and enjoyed.