Snow Fountain Cherry: Beautiful Weeping Tree (Full Guide)

Many people think that there is nothing more beautiful than snow falling, but have they ever thought about how it looks in warmer weather?

The Snow Fountain cherry tree mimics the beauty of freshly fallen snow and the shape of a fountain. Growing this variety is easy, and its beauty is the cherry on top!

Snow Fountain cherry trees are small, only averaging a height of about 12 feet tall and wide. Growing conditions that are less than ideal can negatively the overall size, so proper planting and care are important. Its compact size makes it a great species to plant in small areas.

You’ll love to grow this cherry variety, but learning what it needs to thrive is the key to enjoying all of its benefits.

Continue reading to get all the details on this weeping tree regarding growing habits, climate requirements, general care, common problems, and the best places to buy your own. 

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Snow Fountain Cherry Tree

Being a part of the cherry tree family, this variety is unique for its compact size and beautiful white flowing branches. For all of its specific details, check out the chart below, and you’ll be growing yours in no time! 

Botanical namePrunus x subhirtella ‘Snozofam’
Mature height12 feet
Mature width10-15 feet 
Growth rateModerate 
Light preferencesFull sun to partial shade
Ideal soilLoamy, moderately fertile, well-draining
Watering needs1-2 inches per week during the growing season
Bloom timesSpring
Bloom color & fragranceWhite flowers with a floral fragrance
Fall foliageRed and orange

General Appearance

With its short stature and flowing appearance, Snow Fountain looks exactly as its name sounds — it’s like a fountain of snow in the springtime!

The tree will bloom bountifully and show an array of colors in shades of orange and red when fall arrives. It is truly a site to see in both spring and fall! 

Seasonal Color

Before any green leaves cover the bare branches of the tree, countless white blossoms will burst forth to give the appearance of freshly fallen snow.

Along its drooping branches, the petals will drop as the new lush green foliage begins to grow.

After a beautiful canopy of green leaves throughout the summer, the autumn will also impress with its beautiful colors.

Red and orange foliage lasts for weeks as the temperatures drop and winter sets in. During the winter even the branch’s structure will be of interest with its gentle curved lines. 

Growth Rate & Mature Size

Since the tree is shorter than most, it will reach its mature size in only a few years.

Thanks to its maximum height of about 12 to 15 feet, you’ll be able to plant this tree in most places since it doesn’t require much space. It grows at a moderate pace, about 12 to 24 inches per year. 


In early to mid-spring, you’ll begin to see the white blossoms emerge. They appear as flowers sewn onto a string like a Hawaiian lei.

After lasting about 3 weeks, the blooms will begin to drop as the new leaves emerge. The blooms are accompanied by an amazing floral scent, so be sure to take it all in! 

Fall Foliage

While the tree appears as clean as white linen in the spring, once the fall begins, you’ll begin to see the colors of fire with foliage turning to bright orange and red.

This tree is most impressive in the spring and fall for these spectacular colors! 

Life Expectancy

The snow Fountain cherry tree has a rather short life expectancy, only lasting approximately 20 years if given a suitable environment.

Be sure to give it all the growing conditions it needs to ensure you have it for all the years you can! 

A close look at the blossom from a Snow Fountain weeping cherry tree.

Snow Fountain Cherry Tree Growing Conditions

This tree isn’t difficult to grow, but since it doesn’t live long, it is important to ensure it’s in the correct growing environment. See the details below for the specifics of growing this variety. 

Grow Zones and Hardiness

These cherry trees are cold hardy and grow the best in USDA Zones 5 through 9. While they can handle the cold, late frosts may cause the buds to freeze and decrease the budding.

Be sure to plant it in a protected location if late frosts are usual in your area, and avoid planting in frost pockets

Sun Requirements

Plant the tree in an area with full sun, allowing it to receive about 8 hours of sun daily. It will grow in partial shade, but its blooms may not be as bountiful without plentiful sun. 

Soil Preferences

If you want to amend the soil before planting, add compost or other natural amendments to enrich the soil and make it more favorable for the tree to thrive.

A soil pH of 6.0 to 7.0 will be the best for its needs. Soil that is too rich can lead to overly vigorous vegetative growth with the tree lacking abundant blooms. 

Ensure that the soil drains readily. If the water does not drain through the soil, it will lead to root rot and kill the tree. An even mix of sand, soil, and clay with ample pore space for air will make your tree happy. 

Snow Fountain Cherry Tree Maintenance and Care

The Snow Fountain weeping cherry is an easy-to-grow tree variety that doesn’t require much to make it happy.

The best thing you can do is give it everything it needs for vigorous growth to help it live its best life. See the tips below to promote growth and health for your Snow Fountain cherry tree. 


The tree will need the most water during the growing season. It’s a small tree, so it won’t absorb that much water.

Aim to provide the tree with 1-2 inches of water per week. Always check the soil for moisture before watering to avoid root rot or overly dry soil.


Fertilize the tree in the spring for best results. A well-balanced fertilizer specifically formulated for blooming trees and shrubs is your best bet.

An N.P.K of 10-10-10 or similar will help give it all the nutrients it needs. I always see great results when using this blend.

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The natural shape of the Snow Fountain cherry tree is beautiful on its own. There is no need to drastically prune it unless you hope to achieve a certain shape.

It is, however, always recommended to prune out dead wood and diseased or dying branches to help keep the tree healthy and maintained. 

Pests & Diseases 

When growing a Snow Fountain cherry tree, always be on the lookout for pests and diseases that may hurt the tree.

If your tree ever becomes affected, try to remedy the situation immediately with neem oil, insecticidal soap, or other similar solutions, such as horticultural oil.

Preventing problems from ever taking hold is better than trying to treat them after they do, so spraying your tree with a natural insecticide every week or two is helpful. 

  • Aphids: These are small insects that infest and thrive on the undersides of new leaves. 
  • Cherry fungal leaf spot: This causes purple, yellow, and black spots to form on the leaves. 
  • Japanese beetles: These destructive beetles will eat the leaves causing a decline in tree vigor and overall health. 
  • Spider mites: These very tiny pests will cover the leaves in fine webbing. 
  • Cankers: These are caused by a bacterial infection. Affected twigs and branches will die off. 

Landscape Uses & Wildlife Value

These trees are best grown as lawn or garden focal points that stand out from the other plantings with their floral display.

Wildlife loves the small fruits produced, and you’ll see plentiful songbirds and other birds hanging around for a meal. Even animals like foxes, raccoons, and bears will stop by for a treat!

Companion Plants

Planting under the tree’s canopy is a great way to utilize the space and enhance the garden overall.

Add flowers, small evergreen shrubs, or brightly colored perennials to ensure you maximize your garden space to the fullest.

See the list below for some plants that require the same growing conditions and will help enhance the beauty of our yard. 

  • Marigolds
  • Vincas
  • Marjoram
  • Violets
  • Chives
  • Rosemary
  • Rosa rugosa
  • Comfrey
  • White clover

Where To Buy

These beautiful trees can be found at many local nurseries and garden centers, but if you can’t find one near you, check out these online sources to have a tree shipped directly to your door. 

Closing Thoughts 

The Snow Fountain cherry tree is beautiful with its crisp white blossoms in the spring and orange or red leaves in the fall.

You now have everything you need to plant and grow this spectacular tree and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer. Happy planting!

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