Andrew Zubek

Andrew - Author Image

Meet our green-thumbed friend, Andrew. Since he was a kid growing up in Northern Ohio, his dad taught him the joy of being outdoors, gardening, and landscaping.

In college, he pursued his passion for nature and biology by studying Botany and even worked on a university farm in his spare time.

He later decided to change things up and move to the Hawaiian Islands, where he discovered a whole new world of amazing tropical plant species.

Andrew now lives in Southern California and shares his knowledge and love of plants with the locals. As a landscaping expert and certified arborist, he’s dedicated to educating residents on the best maintenance practices, ensuring that their landscapes stay healthy and beautiful for years to come!




  • Tree growth and maintenance, organic food production (Fruit Trees, Vegetables, Blueberry bushes, Cane berries, etc.), Trees, Indoor Growing, Seeding, Nursery care, and Landscaping.